Four Secrets To Traffic

Your website revolves around traffic and there is never too much traffic. Traffic is where the money is at. The more visitors that you drive to you’re site the greater opportunity you have to sell them a product or create an open line of communication through your opt in page. It is increasingly harder and harder to get traffic and don’t be deceived because not all traffic is good traffic. The true traffic that is needed to run a successful business is targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is defined as visitors that are looking for a specific service or product that you are trying too sell. I am going to provide you with the fabulous four targeted traffic secrets.

1. Can you still make friends? Start to find advertisers and business owners in your niche. Chances are you have already made them money through joining their affiliate program, so you have your foot in the door. Just be polite and ask them if they could take a look at a free copy of your product and maybe recommend it to their list or business partners. If you don’t have a product you can simply start by building a relationship with them and letting them know that you are going to aggressively promote their product and you want to ask them if they could answer a few question to help you out. You could position it as a mini interview. Just e-mail them a few questions and then ask them if it would be ok if you sent the questions and answers to your e-mail list. This would provide a level of credibility to your business and a link back to their site. So basically everyone wins.

2. Find forums in your topic and create an account. Spend a little time in forums and get to know the community. Just get involved and try to answer questions and then (always read the forum rules) direct forum readers back to your site. One thing to remember is that once you have posted on the forum and your link is posted on the site hundreds if not thousands will have the opportunity to read your post and then click on your link because there are a lot of members in the community that just read the threads but never post, just look at the column titled views.

3. PDF’s are not dead!Another great traffic strategy is to create a short pdf ebook that relates to your niche. Please I beg of you, don’t make it some terrible piece of rehased content that can be found by one simple Google search. You do have the option to build up some curiosity throughout the ebook about your site. Don’t forget to put a link to your site on the header and footer of every page and then give away unrestricted unlimited reprint rights so your pdf can be widely distributed. You may see this tactic quite frequently in the internet marketing world but it truly hasn’t been used to the same extent in many niche markets and this could be the same for whatever niche you may be in. Remember everyone loves free stuff I know I do especially those free samples at the grocery store.

4. Not everything is limited to the internet. You need to strongly consider offline advertising. You would be surprised at how inexpensive it can be to put ads in your local newspapers and magazines. You can get some extremely targeted traffic through newspapers and other forms of media for half the price of ppc. I call this traffic targeted because it does actually take some effort for the reader to get off the couch remember your site name and type it into your computer.