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Michigan SEO Company is one of the top US based SEO Agency which specialize in OnPage Optimization, which is On Page SEO refers to anything that you control and can do on your website to make it search engine friendly. These days, on page seo is not as effective as it use to be a few years ago. Nevertheless, it should NOT be ignored. Lots of webmasters are ignoring this aspect of SEO and thus you should take advantage of this when it comes to beating out your competition.
The main concept of on page Search Engine Optimization revolves around building a website that contains pages that focuses on specific topics. This means that your websites should target specific keywords. Below I am going to give you everything you need to know about on page SEO. You can start implementing these strategies to boost your rankings in the search engines.


Every year a lot of Michigan SEO competitions take place around the USA. Basically the company that administers them comes up with a word that has not existed until that point. This means two things – that there are 0 results in the search engines (Google) and that the playing field is even.

Image result for seoUsually after 6 months or so on a particular date and time the administrators go to Google type in that special ADF word and whoever website is in the first spot is the winner. The prize in most cases is cash, but people do it more for fame that for the money.

Most of the times the SEO contests are country specific. It means that the made up word is in that particular language. For instance for the SEO competition going on now in Bulgaria the made up word is which is (laptops) read backwards. So in the end of March whoever is first in Google.com upon typing the word in Google wins.

This is not the case for SEO contest when the made up word is in English – basically what happens is that the whole world takes part in the competition. With no doubt contest like these are super competitive. To increase their chances of winning the PC Tattle Tale contest, contestants, such as Keith David and Imran MD Ali team up. The winning team then divides the cash prize among its members


Even thought the cash prize is big, as I mentioned in the beginning, people do it primarily for the fame that comes with the wind. At the same time I must admit that both things are interrelated because the members of the winning team are usually contacted by companies that need their services.

Over the years, lot of people who do SEO for a living but don’t want to compete in such contests. Even in this case I think that competing against the best is worth it. The main motive should be learning new things not winning.

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